Get up my dear sleeping beauty and spread your love and charm all around. Have a wonderful day ahead. Good Morning to my lovely.

Other Popular Good Morning Messages For Girlfriend


It's the empty feeling in the morning,
Coz you are not there with me,
Without you there is nothing left to see,
Coz I love you so much,
Good morning my love,
Have a great day!

Good morning to the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Have a day just as beautiful as you.

Girl, I did not sleep last night,
Because I was thinking about you,
You don't even have a clue,
That how much I love you
I really and truly do,
I love you,
Wish you a lovely morning!
Keep smiling!

The first ray to a new day,
Reminds me of you my dear,
I want you to smile while you open your eyes,
To spread that cheer
So, do smile early this day,
On this awesome day,
Wish you a lovely morning,
Good morning!

Good morning my love I miss you much
The first thing in the morning I crave for your touch
To see how pretty is your smile
To see you look graceful all the while
Wish this morning stays this way
As you look good in the morning and all day
My love I love you very much
Good morning to you!

The sun when sets in the day
Makes me think of your vibrant face
The rays of the sun are same like
The beauty and your charming grace
Baby know that you complete me all the way
I want you have a smiling day
Good morning my sweetheart!

Can't start my day without saying Good Morning to the person who is the 'Good' of this morning!