Po: You wanna get something to eat?
Shifu: [Sighing] ... Yeah.

Po: There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness.

Tai Lung: You can't defeat me! You... you're just a big... fat... panda! [He throws a weak punch, Po catches his hand by the finger]
Po: I'm not a big fat panda. I'm *the* big fat panda.

Tai Lung: The Wuxi finger hold!
Po: Oh, you know this hold?
Tai Lung: You're bluffing. You're bluffing! Shifu didn't teach you that.
Po: Nope. I figured it out. Skadoosh!

Po: Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend.

Po: He was so deadly, in fact, that his enemies would go blind from over-exposure to pure awesomeness!

Mr. Ping: We are noodle folk. Broth runs through our veins.

Tigress: If he's smart, he won't come back up those steps.
Monkey: But he will.
Viper: He's not gonna quit, is he?
Mantis: He's not gonna quit bouncing, I'll tell you that.

Tigress: One would think that Master Oogway would choose someone who actually knew kung fu.
Crane: Yeah, or could at least touch his toes.
Monkey: Or even see his toes.

Po: The Furious Five! You look a lot bigger than your action figures! Except you, Mantis. You're about the same.

Po: The Sword of Heroes! Said to be so sharp you can get cut just by looking at - Ow!

Zeng: [Watching Tai-Lung break out of his prison restraints] We're dead. So very, very dead.

Po: I just ate, so I'm still digesting, so my kung fu may not be as good as later on.

Shifu: Believe me, citizens, you have not seen anything yet!
Po: I know!

Shifu: But who? Who is worthy to be trusted with the secret to limitless power? To become the Dragon Warrior?
Oogway: I don't know.

Oogway: One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

Zeng: Can we run now?
Commander Vachir: [Quavering] Yes.

Tai Lung: Shifu taught you well. [Disables Monkey with a nerve strike]
Tai Lung: But he didn't teach you everything.

Shifu: Do you want to learn Kung Fu?
Po: Yeah.
Shifu: Then I *am* your master!
Po: Okay.

Crane: Look, you don't belong here.
Po: Yeah. Yeah. I know. It's just... All my life I have dreamed of...
Crane: I mean you don't belong here, in this room. This is my room. Property of Crane.

Zeng: Tai Lung is free! I must warn Shifu!
Commander Vachir: You're not going anywhere, and neither is he!

Shifu: You cannot leave! A real warrior never quits!

Po: Get ready to feel the Thunder!

Po: (First lines, voice-over) Legend tells of a legendary warrior whose Kung Fu skills were the stuff of legend.

Po: Yeah, I know. I disgust you.

Po: I'm not a big fat panda. I'm the big fat panda!

Po: Buddy...I'm the Dragon Warrior.

Shifu: That? We use that for training children, and for propping the door open when it's hot. But, if you insist...

Po: I've only seen paintings of that painting!

Tigress: Well, if he's going to stay here, he should know.

Po: Sorry, Dad.
Mr. Ping: 'Sorry' doesn't make the noodles, son.

Shifu: Put that down! The only souvenirs we collect here are bloody knuckles and broken bones!

Oogway: One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

Shifu: (To Po) I'm not dying, you idiot! Ah, Dragon Warrior... I am simply at peace. Finally.

Tigress: We've got to get them all out safely. Viper, gather the southern farms. Mantis, the north. Crane, light the way.

Tai Lung: So that is his name: Po. Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary.

Tai Lung: I don't want your apology! I want my scroll!

Tai Lung: The scroll has given him power! Nooo!

Tai Lung: The Wuxi Finger Hold...! You're bluffing. You're bluffing! Shifu didn't teach you that!

Oogway: The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior!

Oogway: I see you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.

Oogway: Look at this tree, Shifu. I cannot make it blossom when it suits me, nor make it bear fruit before its time.

Oogway: There are no accidents.
Shifu: [Sighs] Yes, I know. You said that already. Twice.
Oogway: Well, that was no accident either.
Shifu: Thrice.

Young Tigress: (After coming into the light) I just wanna play.

Tigress: Shifu loved Tai Lung like he'd never loved anyone before. Or since.

Shifu: No! Evacuate the valley! You must protect the villagers from Tai Lung's rage.

Shifu: The true path to victory is to find your opponent's weakness, and make him suffer for it!

Po: I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of kung fu - in the history of China - in the history of sucking!

Shifu: That flabby panda is not the Dragon Warrior! He wasn't even meant to be here!

Dream Monkey: We should hang out.
Dream Po: Agreed.

Tai Lung: (Upon seeing Po) He's a panda! You're a panda! What are you going to do, big guy? Sit on me? (Reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

Tai Lung: All I ever did... I did to make you proud! Tell me how proud you are, Shifu! Tell me! TELL ME!!

Tigress: Master, please, let us stop Tai Lung. This is what you trained us for!