My quest for a Christmas gift!

What is my quest for a perfect Christmas gift I asked myself? I have everything that I can buy in life. I have all the gadgets and expensive things. I have the latest car and I have a wonderful family. So, what can be the perfect gift I thought to myself? For days, I have been searching for this answer but I am clueless. One day I thought let me just go out for a walk and see if I can get any idea about the perfect Christmas gift. As I walked down the lane, I saw a person distributing sweets to the poor and I thought so noble of him to do that. I walked passed a park and saw an old couple hugging and greeting each other Merry Christmas. That sight just bought a smile on my face. Once I reached the main street I saw a singer singing a Christmas song for a crowd, and that too made me smile.

I reached home and realized that it is not expensive gifts that are a part of Christmas celebrations. But, it is the gestures and things you do for others that bring a smile to your face. I got my perfect Christmas gift. The joy of giving happiness to someone you love or a stranger is the perfect Christmas gift. This year my Christmas will be a lot more meaningful. I have realized that the true value of love is giving happiness and making others smile. That is my ideal gift too.

Christmas is all about love and happiness.