She is back this year

I am too excited for this Christmas as I have many things to share. I am waiting for that special someone to come and hug me tight. I am waiting for that special someone to come and talk to me. It's been four years since I last saw her. She is my best friend and she left on Christmas Eve. She was all I had in life, I being an introvert never spoke to anyone. She was my best friend in school and she understood me like no one can ever do in life. I lost all hopes of meeting her as her father got posted at a faraway place.

Today after the long wait of four years, she is finally here and I cannot wait to see her. This Christmas is going to be the best one for me. I finally met her and had tears of joy seeing her after such a long time. I talked to her like there is no tomorrow. We kept talking the whole night because we wanted to make up for the loss of four years of not being together. She is going to stay here now and I am so happy. I have my friend along to celebrate Christmas and do things that I love doing.

Indeed this year's Christmas is the best for me.