I believed in Santa

I always believed that Santa is there and everything about Santa is true. My Mom told me that start writing letters to Santa and see if you get a reply. I was a kid five years back so was not aware of anything. As an innocent child, I wrote letters to Santa and used to put them in a post box near my house. You know what; I always got a reply back from the letters I wrote. I know you must be amazed to hear that. You might be thinking that is Santa for real. You might be thinking, did he really reply?

Well, then answer is yes he did reply but the real Santa was my Dad. Every time I posted a letter, my Dad used to get that letter and he replied me back with another one. This I got to know one day when I was out playing with my friends. So, my Dad was my Santa, but so what I am happy that he did so much for me. My Dad is also my angel because through the letters he taught me many things about life being a Santa. I am happy that I got to talk to my Santa who is my Dad.

I think I believe in Santa and also believe in the spirit of Christmas, do you?