A time together with her

I have always been unlucky in life as I never got to spend time with my mother. Oh, by the way, I have five sisters and I am the fourth one. With such a big family, I always had to get that kind of attention from Mom. It was not as if she did not love me enough but still, I being an emotional person wanted to spend some time alone on Christmas with Mom.

Well, I knew that was not possible with a big family and so I did not say anything to mom. Spending a good ten minutes with mom was impossible. We always celebrate Christmas at our cousin aunt's place. But, last year something unusual happened. I got fever and I was advised bed rest by my doctor. Mom told that she would stay back to take care of me. That was the biggest moment of happiness though I was sick. I finally got to spend some time with my mom and that too on the Christmas Eve. My Mom sang wonderful carols for me and also got me a small gift. That really melted my heart and I told her that she is the best Mom in the whole world.

It was indeed a special Christmas Eve for me.