He hugged me so tight

He was so happy that tears started flowing down his cheeks and he hugged me so tightly. I am talking about an old man who used to sleep near our house for years. Mom told me not to talk to him, as he is mentally unstable. Dad told me that he treats kids badly so I should just stay away from him. He was scary for all my friends and they used to run away seeing him. There was something so endearing about that old man and I wanted to know what his life story is. Though, I was also scared to approach him.

Last Christmas, I thought of distributing Christmas goodies to poor people as a random act of kindness. So, I also went to that old man and gave him some sweets. I asked him why he stayed this way and why he looked so scary. He poured his heart out to me and told me that he lost his family in a car accident. He had to sell his property because there was no one to support him in his tough time. Eventually, he was left with none and had to beg on streets for food and money. And, he got tired of life and gave up on everything thus this condition. It was sad to hear his life story and I told him that he could call me his son. I told him that I would take him to an old age home as well where he would have a better life. He hugged me and blessed me, I still remember last year's Christmas.