Jesus Christ, your love for me is ever forgiving. When I am really angry with those around me, I find it very difficult to forgive and let go. I fail to understand that when you my Lord and my Master, who is a reflection of perfection, could forgive me a thousand times for my mistakes, who am I, a sinner, to hold grudges against my brothers and sisters. When your people came to you with the woman who committed adultery, you said "Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her." This is such a beautiful lesson to us, that we always find fault so easily in others, but don't tend to notice the faults in ourselves. None of us are perfect, yet we strive for perfection in others. I thereby ask this grace from you dear Jesus that I learn to accept more than expect and learn to love more than criticize. I say this prayer in the name of the God Almighty and the Holy Spirit. Amen.