Forget what you did in the past

Forget what you did yesterday,
There was a reason behind it
You do not have to think about it
As you will hold a grudge every bit
Forget about the bad times they were
Just to teach you a lesson in life
You just have to look ahead
In spite of all your troubles and strive
Forget about the pain in your eyes
That too make you a tad wise
Forget about the eventful past
All all the things that made you last
Look ahead as it's a new day
Have your strength and find your way
Good morning to you!

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Its really pleasant

Mornings are really pleasant,
Cease all your worries in the day
Make the most of it today
Do what you feel like doing
Of whatever things you are seeing
Life will be good then
Early in the morning
Good morning!

It's a lovely morning my dear

Your dreams are big and your chase is strong
Know where is your calling in life
And know where you truly belong
For life will not give you a reason again
You have to make the most of your time now
Just go ahead and take a vow
That you will do whatever you want to
Because that is the true will to do
Things you need in life and more
That will give you the happiness galore
So all the best for your journey
Good morning to you!

All the things that turn you happy

All the things turn into happy things
If you smile all bright in the morning
That smile brings out the best in you
It makes all the things pleasant and new
Don't hold any grudges in your heart
If you know about your part
Play it your way and smile all through
You would not feel bad and blue
It's just the power to stay as you are
You will also shine bright like the star
Stay as you are and know well
There is not a reason to dwell
Good morning to you!

There is something

There is something about this day
Find your true inspiration,
Find your true motivation
Do what you feel like doing,
Of all the things that you are seeing
Things do change with time,
But, this moment is truly prime
Good morning!

Feel that you are

Feel that you are the number one in
Everything that you do in life
You will excel through and go so far
And you will surely shine like the star
It all depends on how you feel
Things that are real and things that are reel
Your strong will can do wonders for you
Its only you who needs to choose in few
Your destination will come in your way
When you will be confident enough to
Have your say in life
So be prepared
Good morning to you!

It is just for the things

Good morning is just for the things I mean
Good morning is for you my dear
To get in your life the most amazing cheer
Mornings are such pleasant time
When you can do what is in list and prime
A new way to reach your goal
And to know what is in your role
Morning is a time when you need to look ahead
Of all the times that you have spend
Its an amazing cheer only for you
When everything will look so new
Good morning to you
May god bless you!

It gives you a new reason in life

Mornings give you a new reason
Its like a change in every season
A reason to think ahead to change it all
And giving you the time to stand so tall
Mornings are pleasant only because of you
You have that positive aura in you
Which make things more easier and good
Just wish that you have the most amazing day today
Just wish that you have your say
Do whatever because you were born too
Wish you a lovely day too
Good morning to you!