We first met as friends. I always found you really attractive, but you were my friend. As I started to get to know you. The more I knew you, the more fond of got of you. Everything about you, every reasoning made so much sense. Your ideology, the things you believe in are just like me. I have never met another person with whom I could be myself. I have never met another person whose thinking was just like mine. I think I am falling for you. I no longer want to be just your friend. I want more. I want to be your lover. You are already my partner in crime, would you like to be my partner forever? I really hope you do with all my heart I hope, my dear. Because I have never wanted anything in my life as much as I want you. I have been feeling this way for a very long time. I have struggled with my feelings too scared to confront you because I didn't want to lose a friend. But hey, friendship also means telling the truth right?
Hopelessly waiting for an answer. Will wait for...forever!