Hey Sexy, In life you come across different types of people - some who are bad beyond imagination, while others who are unbelievably wonderful. My dear Baby, you fell in the later part. I am not talking about the time I used to drool over your cute face and perfectly chiseled body frame *winks*, I'm pointing out to the time after we became friends or more than that you can say. Whether it was to be patient with me at the cost of swallowing my cruel one liners just becausecoz anger has possessed me; or whether it is about advising me about things that are good for me and watching my back no matter what; you have been the strongest support I have ever had. I can live without you, I will survive but Baby I don't want to just live I want to live my life being in love. I can do that only with you coz I could only fall in love with you. Thank you for putting your trust in me. I will never break the faith you have in me. I will always be there being your strongest support. From your favorite person in this world.