The game of learning turned to the game of love. She was a student in his class. But, she had this liking for him from day one. Something connected, that is the reason she never missed a class. He was smart intelligent and a young professor. One day in a learning session, her hands touched his and he saw deep in her eyes for like seconds. He was smitten by her as well! He also got that vibe from her and he got more conscious being around her.

Some eye locks and they both decided to talk. The age gap did not matter because there was a mutual liking. They became friends and he helped her with her semester exams. Soon, this bond turned to love and they both decided to date each other. There is no perfect relationship as two imperfect people make a perfect relationship. Time went by and she graduated. They both decided to tie the knot. A perfect love story can also start in the classroom!