A wrong number connected two hearts forever. He was in a hurry and he called up a number that changed his life. It was a sunny afternoon and she picked up the call. He said that he wanted to speak to his friend and she said that it is a wrong number. That voice changed his life. Her voice was amazingly good and he wanted to hear it again. Her voice was all he wanted to hear. He dialed her number again and she again told it is a wrong number and do not call again.

After three calls, he dialed her and told her that he is sorry but would like to know who she is. He said he is an honest person and it was just a mistake, she said that is fine. He told her that her voice is mesmerizing. She took the compliment and accepted his friendship. Numbers exchanged, many hours of talking and dating for three years! They finally got married today. He still loves her voice and leaves everything if she calls him up. Some connections are made from wrong numbers, isn't that sweet?