Aries Woman


If you are an Aries woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Aries woman, this is the right place. Know about Aries woman characteristics.

Aries Woman

Being the first sign in the Zodiac, a woman ruled by this sign loves to do things on her own. She will hardly be dependent on anyone to accomplish her goals. The Aries woman believes that she can do what other men can't do and also strives to be successful in her life. She is ambitious, a good leader and adventurous.

Positive traits of the Aries woman:

The Aries woman is vibrant and very enthusiastic. She is a go-getter and doesn't like to be stopped in her endeavors. She has a powerful personality. She has a great passion to succeed in life and has definite goals to reach to.

In Friendship:

As the Aries woman is preoccupied in succeeding in life and reaching her goals, she doesn't have much time for friends. However, she will have 2-3 close friends whom she values.

In Love:

In a relationship, the Aries woman is the one who will direct the relationship and make it exciting. She can be somewhat possessive in her relationship. She needs passion in the relationship and believes both the man and herself to be equals. Her love is not bound by limits and she will try to make the relationship work if she finds her partner to be suitable enough for her.

At Work

Driven by her passion to succeed, the Aries woman will accomplish any goals given to her. She is totally dedicated towards her work. She always wants to be in a good position in her life. Thus, she will do anything to be successful in life.

Negative traits of the Aries woman:

The Aries woman is self-centered which makes her think only about herself. In this way, she hardly thinks about others feelings or wishes.

In Friendship:

She can be insensitive to others' feelings when it comes to friendship. Due to her tendency to think about herself, she may often ignore her friends' desires. She is also very straight forward which makes others think that she is rude.

In Love:

If she is restrained in a relation, she will immediately back off. She loves her freedom and will not compromise on it. Also, her direct nature and tendency to speak out may harm the relation. She won't tolerate someone who is dishonest. Her uncompromising nature can lead to difficulties in the relationship.

At Work:

The Aries woman is very self-centered. She will see to it what suits her needs best and how she will gain in a particular situation. After that, she will make decisions at work. She disregards others due to her ambitious nature.

Thus, the Aries woman is very ambitious and energetic but also uncompromising in nature.


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