Pisces Man


If you are a Pisces man or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Pisces man, this is the right place. Know about Pisces man characteristics.

Pisces Man

Pisces is the most watery sign and one of the four mutable signs - meaning, Pisceans long for movement and are restless.

Positive Characteristics

Prominent Positive Characteristics:

A Piscean man is very dependable, understanding and an extremely good listener. He also has a strong sense of perception and imagination.

In Friendship:

Piscean men are usually good human beings. They value friendship and share a strong bond with close friends who know that they can depend on him in times of need or even just a shoulder to cry on. He is the go-to man for all your problems, big or small.

In Love:

The Piscean man is usually very calm, gentle, caring and dreamy. He fantasizes a lot and is very sensitive towards his needs when it comes to love. If you are compatible with him, you will find a true soul mate and someone who puts his ego aside in the relationship. He will be loyal, and home-loving.

At Work:

The Piscean man has a strong intellect, is usually righteous and has the drive to pursue his dreams. It is very important that he channelizes his dreams and utilizes his full potential towards success and triumph. He is also very creative and many Piscean men make good artists. The Piscean man is also versatile and sometimes lacks the ability to concentrate overmuch on one project. This drives him to follow more than one occupation at times.

Negative Characteristics

Prominent Negative Characteristics:

A Piscean man can be tangled in his dreams and ambitions if he does not channel his energy in the right path to attain success; like a fish swimming against the current.

In Friendship:

However good a friend a Piscean man can be, he still needs his moments of solitude. Although he will keep you good company for most of the time, there are moments when he wants to be left alone and rejuvenate for further good times spent with friends. It is very important that this is addressed to bring back the calm and steadiness within him.

In Love:

The passion and dreaminess in the Piscean man can definitely work against him at times. Whilst in a loving relationship, close moments are very precious to him. However, let him have his own space and his heart for you will only grow fonder. He is also very sensitive and his feelings may get hurt easily. These emotional highs and lows come at a cost. His temper can flare easily, however, can also get subdued as easily and quickly as it started, if dealt with appropriately.


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