Scorpio Man And Cancer Woman


Are the Scorpio man and Cancer woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Scorpio man and Cancer woman.

Scorpio Man - Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

A Scorpio man and a Cancer woman carry the ability to make a relationship work despite the flaws. They are two very strong, level headed people who do not let emotions ruin a strong yet complicated decision. They carry with themselves the power to change their destinies but are calm until the storm strikes and demands for them to open up and make use of their distinct qualities. Bring a Scorpio man and a Cancer woman together and it will become incredibly hard for any man to judge the state of their relationship because each individual will hold back unless they are sure of what they feel.

Known for his jealousy more than his passion and critical thinking, a Scorpio man is anything but dull when it comes to living life to the fullest. He can be counted on to be the best friend as well as the worst enemy so when you know you've done wrong with him, either apologize to him or get out of his way forever. A Scorpio man has the ability to slaughter you ruthlessly while you crave mercy but he can even will you into doom with his obsessive jealousy and negative thinking.

Though not as extreme as a Scorpio man, a Cancer woman is more mellow and mild but only when the situation demands her to be. She is usually found to be very critical in nature and is often cold and unresponsive in the beginning. A Cancer woman changes with time and evolves into a mysterious being who can challenge your authority and get away with it. She personifies enigma and has the ability to topple you over without giving you a chance to think about what is happening. She is powerful yet docile and is effectively a good partner to be with.

A Scorpio man when in a relationship with a Cancer woman, can be a tough nut to crack. He can be obsessive, jealous and passionate about his lady love but unless and until he shows it by physically giving his woman a token of his love, he will not get any favorable responses from his lady. He will have to make an effort to do something out of the ordinary when he confesses his feelings. A Cancer woman will be speechless when she receives excessive attention and may stumble a little before she accepts the importance being meted out to her.

Technically, a Scorpio man and a Cancer woman will do wonders in a relationship but they will have to be extremely careful with their actions and words. No one takes kindly to abuses and an inappropriate behavior but when Scorpio and Cancer individuals are concerned, one has to tread with extreme caution. Being with each other and spending as much time together as possible will get them to become passionate but if this passion gives way to boredom, they will have to do a lot to resurrect their relationship.

The key to a happy and prosperous life together is within reach for the Scorpio man and the Cancer woman. All they need to do is take and use it well.


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