Scorpio Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Scorpio? Find out on this page the character traits of Scorpio.

Scorpio Traits

1. Dedicated

As a Scorpion, you are very involved in whatever work you do. You can't take your work lightly at all. You give your heart and soul to all your work. If you're given a task at work, you will complete it very efficiently.

2. Don't like flattery

You like to be honest and straightforward in whatever you do. Thus, you expect the same from others too. If they flatter you, you will immediately notice it as you are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Instead of loving this kind of behavior, you hate it if people flatter you.

3. Honest

You tend to think that honesty is really important in your life. You also prefer it if others too have the same attitude. You can't stand the thought of someone betraying you, cheating you or letting you down in any way.

4. Passionate in love

As Scorpio is a very intense sign, you tend to do everything very seriously. This goes true for your love life too. You are very passionate in love and love your partner very fiercely.

5. Obsessed

You are quite attached to your loved ones as well as the possessions you have. You just cannot take anything lightly in your life. This also leads to you becoming obsessed with many things in life and once you become obsessed, you just can't let that person/possession go away from you.

6. Emotional

Being a Scorpio, you are also a very emotional person. You understand other people's emotions and are also sensitive towards their problems. You are very attached with your feelings and this may also lead you to get hurt very easily.

7. Determined

Once you are determined about something, you will never back off from it. You tend to pursue it even if people may discourage you. This means you will not be apprehensive to help your friends if you believe in them.

8. Powerful personality

As mentioned earlier, Scorpio is a very intense sign and hence you have quite an attractive and powerful personality. Wherever you go, you tend to influence people.

9. Serious in relationships

You believe in serious relationships. You will never get into any relationship that has no future. You tend to be very careful when it comes to relationships and you cannot just take a relationship lightly.


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