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A mothers only treasure in life
is her daughter you know,
I may not verbally tell or show,
But I love you to the core,
Happy birthday my daughter!


As a parent,
My only wish for you is,
That you stay blessed in whatever you do,
May you get everything you dream and true,
Happy birthday my daughter!


Daughter is a beautiful creation by god,
Someone so soft,
Someone so caring,
So good at heart,
Love you my daughter,
Happy birthday to you!


Daughters are always the best
In life's every test,
In things they like,
In everything alike,
Happy birthday to my sweet daughter!


Daughters are angels who touch your heart
They are important with their part
Daughters are great with their wit
They understand your hidden needs
A daughter like you whose so good
I wish you well in life
May you never have to cry touch wood!
Wishing you a very happy birthday!


Daughters are blessings in life
They are there in every happiness
A part of your every strive
So lucky to have such a wonderful daughter
Who makes me feel so bright
I wish you all the good luck
So that you have your light
Always shine in life
Wishing you a very happy birthday!


Daughters are so special
Daughters are so rare,
Daughters are so adorable,
Because they are always there,
Glad to have you in my life,
Happy birthday my daughter!


Daughters are the best
In everything that they do,
Without any clue,
Or without a reason,
They just love you,
Happy birthday daughter!


Daughters are the sweet angels
That god sent to us,
To fill our life with love,
And joy in the heart,
Happy birthday daughter!


Daughters are truly special in life,
They may in a while outgrow your lap,
But, they will always remain in your heart,
Happy birthday daughter!


I am so proud that you have grown up
To be the mini version of me
But I wish you well in life my dear
You get things and share of your destiny
May success always find your way
May you have an awesome day
As it's your birthday
Wishing you a very happy birthday!


I still remember your innocence
You used to get scared of things
Over the years you became so free
That you have chosen your power ways to be
I am so proud of my baby girl
I wish that you stay blessed
Wishing you a very happy birthday!


I truly smile because of you,
Because of your ways,
A daughter is extra special,
In every which way
Happy birthday my sweetheart,
My lovely daughter!


I wish that you get everything in life
My daughter stay blessed
May you never have to strive,
Coz you are the best,
Happy birthday daughter!


My daughter dear my love for you
Grows in time and you know
Always bless you in life
Always wishing well for you
I wish that you find success your way
I hope you find a good say
And life be more merry for you
Wishing a very happy birthday to you!


My little baby girl
Know that you are my world
You make me so proud each day
I wish you have a lovely day
All for the world is yours
All the things so bright
With you, I feel so awesome
You make me feel all right
Wishing you a very happy birthday!


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