Aquarius Personality


Are you trying to know how an ideal Aquarius person's personality should be? Do you want to know the qualities and characteristics of Aquarius ? Find out the Aquarius personality right here.

Aquarius Personality

1. Love social work

Aquarius men and women love to help people. If someone is in trouble, they are among the first to help. So, it's quite apparent that they are born social workers. But it may also happen, that they neglect their household work.

2. Like to fight for causes

As mentioned above, Aquarians love to help out people in their times of need. So they are the foremost to speak for causes they believe in. They never tend to retreat from helping other people.

3. Like to advise

Aquarians are of a very caring nature. In their quest to help people out, they are likely to advise them too. This is, of course, to benefit others.

4. Extroverted

Aquarius people are really expressive people. They will go out of their way and make friends with others. They also love to know about others and hence tend to be inquisitive in nature.

5. Detached

One thing common among all Aquarians is the fact that they are detached with their emotions and feelings. They are not the ones who will express their feelings or indulge in public displays of affection. Thus, Aquarians are not the type who will send flowers or love messages to their partner.

6. Possessive

Aquarians also tend to be possessive about their belongings as well as those who are close to them. They will not let go of anyone who is dear to them.

7. Don't like to be restricted

Aquarians are basically very unpredictable in nature. One moment they are listening to you at home and the next moment they might be somewhere else! Also, they don't like anyone to interfere with their freedom and independence as they cherish it a lot. If someone tries to hold them back and is too demanding, they will increase their effort to be free.

8. Don't like

As said earlier, Aquarians love their independence too much. So they won't be shy of turning away from the person or the thing that's restricting them. If they are criticized, they will not tolerate it and move away.

9. Honest

Aquarians like to be very honest and forthcoming in their relationships. They won't accept anyone cheating or betraying them. They want their partners to be loyal and faithful to them throughout the relationship.


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