Aquarius Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Aquarius? Find out on this page the character traits of Aquarius.

Aquarius Traits

1. Independence

As an Aquarian, you love to be independent and have your own free will. You think of yourselves as a free bird and prefer doing what you want. You dislike people who interfere with your independence.

2. Intelligence

You are intelligent and can think very smartly in any situation. You are also known to be quite logical and practical in nature. If given a task, you will accomplish it very well and efficiently.

3. Thinking

You are dreamers and what you love the most is dreaming about the future. Others term it as wishful thinking, but later these dreams of yours might become true. You don't find harm in thinking and imagining about the endless options that are open to you.

4. Anger

You are known for your angry temperament too. You can turn brash at times. If you are provoked, you can be mad at the other person and outright rude.

5. Advice

Being an Aquarian, you have an independent soul. You don't like to listen to others. But especially when it comes to listening to advice from other people, you don't like it. You feel you are being oppressed by others' advice.

6. Innovative

You are very original in nature and you will be at the forefront of inventing and thinking about new ideas. You tend to think about the world in a different manner. If you are at a meeting, you will be the one to come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

7. Social Skills

You are quite lively by nature and love to mix around with people. You will not be the ones who will sit at one place for a long time. You are very vibrant and are also very socially amiable.

8. Impassive

You have this unique trait in yourself of not being too attached with your feelings. You tend to be impassive and apathetic. You won't quite understand someone else's feelings too. Thus, you are held as unemotional.

9. Companionship

You are great to be friends with. You will never leave your friends when they are in trouble or they need help. Thus, you are the most loyal of friends anyone could have.


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