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More about Aster

The birth flower for September is the Aster. Aster has around 180 species and most of them are native to Europe and Asia. Many species of Aster and their hybrids are widely used as garden plants because of their striking and colorful presence.

Origin of Name:
The September flower, Aster, gets its name from its star-shaped head. The Greek word 'aster' means 'star' and is thus assigned to it. Aster is also called as 'Starworts'. The scientific names for some common species are listed below.
Aster alpinus - Alpine Aster
Aster Amellus - Italian Aster
Aster Linosyris - Goldilocks Aster

Symbolic Meaning:
The September birth flower Aster signifies love and happiness. It also signifies loyalty and limitation. Back in the Victorian era, the September flower would signify a message of care.

Personality Traits:
The people with Aster as the September birth flower are believed to be very focused towards leading a good life. They like to do things in a positive manner and always strive for excellence in whatever they do. They are also considered to be good listeners and hence tend to have good communication skills. Most September born people are meticulous and lively.

Special Significance on Holidays/Events:
Aster is an ancient flower and is often worn on many significant occasions. The September birth flower is often handed to teachers on Teacher's Day. It is also worn to commemorate other events like Grandfather's day (1st sunday of September), Labor day (first monday of September) and Patriot's Day (9/11).

Interesting facts:
- The Hungarian revolution (1918) is known as the 'Aster Revolution' as the protesters wore the Aster flower.
- It was believed in olden days, that burning Aster leaves could drive away evil snakes.


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