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More about Peridot

The August birthstone is Peridot. The word 'peridot' is derived from the Arabic word 'faridat' which means 'gem'. The peridot is stunning green in color in a variety of hues of green. The peridot is formed as a result of volcanic activity deep inside the earth's surface. Peridot is believed to protect the wearer from evil. It was also believed that wearing a peridot helps to improve your relationships. A peridot is supposed to bring you closer to nature. It was called as 'gem of the sun' in ancient Egypt because of its dazzling appearance in the sun.

Peridot birthstone signifies strength, romance, friendship and vitality.

If you wear your birthstone peridot, it is supposed to bring these positive changes in you. You will be a more jolly person. You will be generally successful in whatever you do. You will develop a creative bent of mind. Your friends will adore your nature and personality.


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