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More about Emerald

The May birthstone is Emerald. The word 'emerald' is derived from the Greek word 'smaragdos' which means 'green gemstone'. The emerald is brilliant green in color. In ancient Rome, the emerald was associated with rebirth and fertility. It was believed that wearing an emerald increases clairvoyance, intelligence and memory in the wearer. The emerald was Queen Cleopatra's favorite gemstone and she used it a lot in her jewelry. The emerald is brittle in nature.

Emerald birthstone signifies love, wisdom, fidelity and patience. Emerald is believed to keep the wearer calm and healthy. It is believed to have healing properties for problems related to the eyes.

If you wear your birthstone emerald, it is supposed to bring these positive changes in you. You will become a peace-loving person. You will like children and pets. You will be usually very romantic and affectionate towards your beloved. Love and contentment in your relationship will increase.


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