Cancer Man And Leo Woman


Are the Cancer man and Leo woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Cancer man and Leo woman.

Cancer Man - Leo Woman Love Compatibility

To expect fireworks in a water sign and a fire sign combination is foolish. Why? Think of it as bringing the elements of fire and water together. We notice that no matter how uncontrollable the fire, water always manages to extinguish it completely.

However, this should not scare the Cancer man and the Leo woman. And why should it? The reasoning above could be adapted in one or a few aspects of their lives. It shouldn't instill fear of failure in their hearts. A Cancer man, though sensitive, will protect his ever-lively Leo woman. He will shower all his love and affection on her and make her feel blessed.

On the other hand, a Leo woman will make the Cancer man feel like a prized possession. Family and friends are most important to Leo individuals and when in a relationship, they hold the power to make their partners feel cherished.

No two Alpha-dogs can live happily in a relationship and this sentiment is echoed with the Cancer man and Leo woman pair. This does not endanger their existence but merely warns them of the catastrophes that can smear their lives. This union can be very tricky, yes, but it can also work when nurtured correctly.

Fundamentally, the two signs will always try to overpower each other. However, the one who gets exasperated with the fights will be the Leo woman. She will either walk away to avoid a debacle or will put an abrupt stop to all that is menacing in the relationship.

While these strong personalities try and battle out their differences, they can prosper together if they keep track of their accomplishments and their togetherness that they have achieved over the years. This will stand proof of their lovely relationship which will allow them to subdue themselves in the present for a fruitful future.

What can you simply expect when you put them together? They will probably size each other up at the first meeting and then tread cautiously from there. The Cancer male will probably take more time to loosen up and though this may risk putting off the Leo female, she will persist and win him over.


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