Cancer Man


If you are a Cancer man or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Cancer man, this is the right place. Know about Cancer man characteristics.

Cancer Man

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign according to the astrological calendar. A person born in between the dates June 22 and July 21 is a Cancer man. There are many traits that are peculiar to a Cancer man.

Positive Characteristics

Prominent Positive Characteristics:

A Cancer man is very warm, expressive, perceptive, inventive and shielding. He also tends to be very considerate and vigilant.

In Friendship:

A Cancer man is caring and composed. Cancerians are very sensitive towards others feelings and thus are likely to never hurt their friends by being rude or harsh. They try to understand their friends and at the same time give them space. A Cancer man is somewhat introvert and does not express his feelings very easily. They are very supporting and comforting as friends.

In Love:

He is an extremely soft-hearted, romantic person by nature. He is a loyal person and gives his whole and soul to the relationship and his partner. He believes in long-term relationships and thus, his partner would be satisfied with his approach to maintain the relationship.

At work:

A Cancer man is a workaholic. He will do his best to make the undertaken project a success. He is dependable and can be a great co-worker. He is a disciplined worker. He works as per the rules and pays attention to details which most of the time manages to impress his boss.

Negative Characteristics

Prominent Negative Characteristics:

A Cancer man tends to get very temperamental at times. He also is over-sentimental and sensitive about topics that mean a lot to him. He can get clingy and will not leave the person till he clears his throat.

In Friendship:

In case a friend has hurt a Cancer man in some way, he would not continue with the friendship and will sever ties with the person. They have their own rules when it comes to making friends. They can forgive sometimes but never forget.

In Love:

A Cancer man, like a crab, is hard from the outside and soft from the inside. Thus, sometimes he may not come across as striking. Also, he may get clingy at times and so, if his partner wants her own space and demands freedom, he will not be willing to give it. He needs to be assured at several occasions about how much he is loved.

At Work:

A Cancer man main motive is to earn money. This may put his work goals in a hazy path.


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