Cancer Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Cancer? Find out on this page the character traits of Cancer.

Cancer Traits

1. Can't take advice

You don't like to take advice from anyone else. Thus, if someone gives you advice, you tend to cringe away from that person. You prefer to do your own things. You will listen to them, but not feel good about the fact that they have given you any advice or suggestion.

2. Like to win

You like to be in a win-win situation and it really disappoints a lot when you lose to someone else. You do whatever is in your control to win over. It may be things like coming 1st in class or winning a painting competition or getting a promotion at work before someone else.

3. Emotional

You are very emotional by nature. You care a lot about your loved ones, relatives and friends. If they are in trouble, you will be the first one to help them out. Basically, you cannot see anyone suffering or hurt. This also makes you helpful towards others.

4. Loyal

As mentioned earlier, you are emotional and sensitive towards your loved ones. This of course includes your family. You put them on a very high pedestal and they are the most important in your life.

5. Creative

You also have a creative bent of mind and are more of an artsy person. You like arts, drama, theater and literature. On the whole, you love everything that has to do with creativity and art. So you might like to write, draw, paint or act.

6. Social

You are a very social person. It's quite easy for people to be friends with you as you come across as a very open and free personality. You don't have any qualms talking to new people and making them your friends. In fact, you love attending parties and social get-togethers.

7. Protective

As much as you love and care about your loved ones, you also tend to be somewhat secretive about them. You don't like to talk about your family and personal life to anyone. Thus, your privacy also matters a lot to you.

8. Moody

You are also a very moody person by nature. You tend to be gloomy if something doesn't go your way or you don't get something that you needed. Also, if something bad happens in your life, you won't be able to forget it and be sad about it for long. Your mood swings are something to look out for, as one moment you can be cheery and the next, you might be sulking.

9. Jealous

This sometimes lets you down in front of others. You tend to get jealous too often and without any reason. Also, you can't take it in your stride if someone does better than you.


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