Capricorn Man In Love


Falling in love with a Capricorn man? Find out how will the Capricorn man be in love. Learn about Capricorn love compatibility.

Capricorn Man In Love

People belonging to the Capricorn sign are born between December 22nd and January 19th. Capricorn men have strong desires to achieve power, money, status and love. Although love does appear last on the list, it is comparatively a significant part of his personality. Patience comes naturally to them, implying they wait until they find the perfect match.

Effectively a loner sign, Capricorn men find emotional relationships to be a challenge. He finds it difficult to trust another human being and even more a female. Although he appears to be a bitter person from the outside, he is more sensitive than many and is just covering up to experience a sense of security.

A Capricorn man wants to be appreciated praised and ego fed. Any woman who manages to successfully ensure the above will have a very loyal, dedicated and sincere partner for life. Thus proving a Capricorn man's sensitive heart and swayable emotions!

It's hard to get him in bed in a one night stand but if the woman is ready to give it some time, a Capricorn man is a kid to please. The woman must be ready and prepared for leisurely reactions and understand that her man is thinking and contemplating every move that he will make. Once he is over his initial fear of insecurity, the inner real romantic will wake.

And when that happens, be prepared for some exquisite holidays, shockingly surprising surprises and the best dates you have ever been taken to. He will strive hard to make sure that the bubble in the relationship stays for as long as possible. He will act in ways never experienced and will love and care his partner for life.

Keeping the positive traits in mind, one big weakness in any relationship will be the Capricorn man trying to run the show. Could be mistaken for independence but actually is nothing but desperation for control. Being so emotionally attached to their partners, Capricorn men find it difficult to understand and believe that there are lessons for him to be learnt from his partner.

By equalizing material and financial possessions with emotional security the Capricorn man mixes up the feeling sphere with the materialistic realm.


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