Capricorn Man


If you are a Capricorn man or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Capricorn man, this is the right place. Know about Capricorn man characteristics.

Capricorn Man

People belonging to the Capricorn sign are born between December 22nd and January 19th. The most typical characteristics would be practical, patient, adventurous and ambitious on the good hand, and introverted, fearful, and pessimistic on the other.

Positive traits of an Capricorn Man:


One of the strongest traits in a Capricorn man is that of being ambitious. He is so afraid of failure that he tries hard enough to come not even close to it. They don't like taking any sort of short cuts or unfair means to reach their goal. They value steady and constant improvement over consistent bouts of activity. Bad news hardly ever affects them and this is what primarily makes Capricorn a rock like steady sun sign.


Capricorn man is a workaholic. Work is worship and hard work is benefiting. They do not take things lightly or ir-responsibly. In fact they make sure that all work is carried out in the best way possible thus linking this trait to the one mentioned above - ambitious.


Capricorn man is a adventurous lover which goes against his physical and social appearance of being a introvert and not so much of a people person. Complimenting a sense of humor of his own, he prefers playful rather than aggressive / serious sex and encourages laughing in bed!

Negative characteristics of an Capricorn Man:

Mood swings:

It's this trait that gets a Capricorn man an adjective similar to his name Capricious. They are found to be surprisingly shrewd for the introverted individuals they appear to be. Also love to ruin the best of things by stupid actions of frivolity.

Ill at ease:

This comes up majorly in personal rather than professional relationships where Capricorn men are ill at ease rather than outright unhappy. Somewhat self-absorbed, Capricorn men prefer not to mingle with other people thus giving the idea of other people not being required to meddle with them.


They treat informal acquaintances with diplomacy and tact. Capricorn men make very few good friends but the ones they would die for and on the other hand, most bitter enemies they might even kill! They sometimes dislike and disapprove of the opposite sex and will make sure they have been tested thoroughly before any relationship can even start to become serious.


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