Capricorn Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Capricorn? Find out on this page the character traits of Capricorn.

Capricorn Traits

1. Confident

Being a Capricorn, the quality that is most synonymous with you is that you are very confident in your life. You like to live your life in a very calm and composed manner. You know what you want from life and are thus focused to achieve it.

2. Reliable

You are very reliable by nature and your friends and family can always depend upon you for anything. You also like to help others whenever they need you. You won't back off ever to help them in their work or when they fall in trouble.

3. Disciplined

You tend to be quite professional when it comes to work. When a task is assigned to you, you will see to it that it is performed perfectly, without any cheating or wrong deed. You will also complete it on time and never feel bored to do your work.

4. Like to debate

You are excellent when it comes to debating; especially when the topic is of your choice. You can't seem to control yourself when there is an option of you presenting your knowledge and intelligence to everyone. You like to give a demo of your proficient knowledge to others.

5. Have mood swings

Your moods swings are something that others should take care of while interacting with you. This is because you have terrible mood fluctuations. You can be happy at one moment and be upset after some time. Thus, people need to watch out for your mood swings.

6. Responsible

You tend to be responsible when it comes to your work and as mentioned earlier, you are have a professional approach towards work. So, you won't be the one who will leave his/her work halfway before it's complete. Instead, you'll do everything that is within your reach and try to complete it.

7. Extreme behavior

If you're a friend to someone, you will be the truest and the most loyal friend that anyone could ever have. But if someone gets on your wrong side, then you will not tolerate it and be the worst enemy anyone could possibly have. This can be termed as two variant sides of your personality.

8. Don't like to be ridiculed

You also don't like it if someone ridicules you or makes fun of you. You will tell that person on their face that you don't like the way they are talking or you might directly cut ties with them.

9. Authoritative

You are domineering in nature and cannot take other people's advice in the right way. You want to be the only one who makes decisions; whether it's in your personal life or professional life. Thus, whatever you do, you love being a figure of authority and want others to listen to you.


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