Capricorn Woman


If you are a Capricorn woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Capricorn woman, this is the right place. Know about Capricorn woman characteristics.

Capricorn Woman

This is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and the animal that represents this sign is the mountain goat or terrestrial goat. The Capricorn woman can be a bit difficult to understand as she may be partying at the disco or be working diligently in some office. However, she is very ambitious and likes to climb upwards in whatever she does. She also needs security and self-esteem in her life.

Positive traits of the Capricorn woman:

She is socially responsible, tough and has lots of patience. She is helpful and caring towards everyone too.

In Friendship:

The Capricorn woman will always be caring and supportive for her friends. She can help them when they need her or are stuck in a difficult situation. She is an excellent friend to have.

In Love:

She makes for a very caring and understanding partner. She takes time to fall in love, but once she does, she will be in the relationship till the end.

At Work:

She is very responsible in all the aspects of her life. This holds true for her professional life as well. She will perform any task that's assigned to her with efficiency. She takes her work very seriously and will strive hard to reach the pinnacle of success.

Negative traits of the Capricorn woman:

She is self-contained and aloof and it is not easy to approach the Capricorn woman. She also has terrible mood fluctuations which can lead her into brooding for many days.

In Friendship:

She appears to be very aloof and reserved and so will have only a few number of friends. She is also not comfortable to talk with people whom she doesn't know. This makes others feel that she is not approachable.

In Love:

She can be dominating in her relationship. This means that she likes to direct the relation and have an upper hand at making the decisions. Mostly, she makes the right decisions but it may not be liked by her partner.

At Work:

Even here her dominating nature might harm her professional life. She likes to press her opinions at work and thus cannot do well in a group or a team.

These characteristics belong to a Capricorn woman who is responsible, patient as well as aloof and insecure.


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