Gemini Man And Aries Woman


Are the Gemini man and Aries woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Gemini man and Aries woman.

Gemini Man - Aries Woman Love Compatibility

A Gemini man is an intelligent lover and he thinks with an open mind before falling in love with some one. He chooses mind over heart while making important decisions regarding his life. A Gemini male lets common sense persist in his decisions and always refrains from making hasty and risky choices in life. They like to live their life on their own terms. They make opinions from every one but will only do what they feel like at the end of it.

An Aries woman is driven by an impulse which requires her partner to amuse with continuous source of entertainment. Aries woman is spontaneous and likes her relationship to be lively. The Aries female likes a stable relationship in which her partner is faithful and loyal towards her. She needs regular encouragement from her partner and needs her partner to appreciate and admire her. An Aries woman is known to be a dreamer and believes in a world of fantasy and for this reason her partner should concur with very nature of an Arian.

A Gemini man and an Aries woman will make a good match as the man uses his mind and Aries uses her heart. These two will find each other's company to be compatible and exciting. They share a common trait of behaving in an independent manner and taking decisions free from influence of others and this trait will keep them interested in each other. They both like adventure and together would love to experiment with new things.

The Aries woman, because of her bold personality, will be able to bring out the best qualities of a Gemini man. She tends to become envious and over possessive about her partner over a period of time and this might upset and concern the Gemini man as he doesn't like anyone to influence his nature or control his personal space. This relationship can be sustained only if the Gemini male learns to accept the free and adventurous nature of the Aries female. If these nuances are taken care of, these two can make a great pair.


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