Gemini Man And Cancer Woman


Are the Gemini man and Cancer woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Gemini man and Cancer woman.

Gemini Man - Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Even though a Gemini Man and a Cancer Woman are born almost during the same period of the year, their characteristics are poles apart. Most Gemini men are clever, witty, flexible, lively and forthcoming. They also may get highly anxious in tough situations. A Cancer woman may be very inventive, emotional and astute. But, most of the Cancer women are clingy, over-emotional and touchy.

The pair of a Gemini man and Cancer woman is that of complete opposites. They have contrasting qualities which makes them incompatible. When compared, a Gemini male tends to think more practically than a Cancer female. She is more emotional and thinks from her heart. He is an extrovert and likes to venture out of his comfort zone. She is nothing close to adventurous; she loves to sit at home with her loved ones and have a peaceful time. The vivacious nature of the Gemini male is not appreciated by the Cancer female. Also, his craving for a change makes her anxious and insecure. His flirty personality makes her insecure and jealous and she tries to get clingy. Her clingy nature is not appreciated by a Gemini man.

Despite the contrast, a Gemini male and Cancer female can have a successful relationship. In the first few meetings, both of them strike a chord with each other. Initially, there would be a lot of passion in the relationship. But, later it would come to languish. Thus, if both want the relationship to last long, extra efforts from both sides will be needed. Adjustments and compromises will make their relationship work. A Cancer woman would want stability and security in the relationship which a Gemini man may not be able to provide. He would want freedom and self-space which she may not be able to provide. Thus, adjustment in such cases will also be difficult. Ultimately, both of them may not be good for each other in the long run. A Cancer woman may try hard and almost strive to keep her man happy but just when she thinks she's got it right, the Gemini will change things around which may leave her frustrated.

Thus, a Gemini man and Cancer woman may not be attuned enough to have a long-lasting and a healthy relationship.


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