Gemini Man And Taurus Woman


Are the Gemini man and Taurus woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Gemini man and Taurus woman.

Gemini Man - Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

Two signs that are neighbors in the zodiac calendar do not exhibit mutual concern or liking for each other in real life. The traits of the two signs are very different, which probably is the cause of a rocky relationship.

To say that a Gemini man and Taurus woman are not compatible as a couple would be accurate to an extent. However, it should not be ruled out that the couple can overcome their obstacles if they work on their problems.

A Gemini male is out-going and prefers to stay outside. A Taurus female is the complete opposite. She enjoys the comforts of her home and likes a peaceful atmosphere. His adventurous behavior and nature will make her suspicious and jealous. Also, they have opposite temperaments. Gemini man is short-tempered. A Taurus woman is calm, composed and down to earth. She is very prudent in everything she does, be it home chores or professional work. Gemini man, in contrast, is very impulsive. He will not think much about the steps he takes. He does things without much preparation and then anxiety creeps in. He is inconsistent in everything he does while, she is persistent. The practicality of a Taurus female may not go down well with the rather emotional Gemini male. But, a Gemini male would require advice of others even for the least important decisions. This Gemini quality may annoy the Taurus woman at some point in their relationship.

Gemini man and Taurus woman may not be the best of pairs but there are things which can keep them together. Her loyalty towards him will attract the Gemini male towards her. Also, his intelligence is a big turn-on for the Taurus woman. She will initially get attracted to his flirtatious nature. But, in the long run, there would be trouble because of this contradicting nature of a Gemini man. Thus, it is difficult to have a long lasting and reliable relationship.


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