Gemini Man


If you are a Gemini man or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Gemini man, this is the right place. Know about Gemini man characteristics.

Gemini Man

Gemini is the third Zodiac sign of the astrological calendar. Many qualities of a Gemini man are unique to this zodiac sign.

Positive traits of an Gemini Man:

Prominent positive Characteristics:

A Gemini man is quick witted, enthusiastic, broad minded, captivating, rational and appealing.

In Friendship:

As a friend, he would be close to just a few but will prove to be the life of every party and social gatherings. He likes to take on challenges and prefers an adventurous life with his friends.

In Love:

Even though a Gemini man is not an emotional person, he is a very passionate lover. He may have tendencies of being flirty but once committed, he tries to put life in the relationship in every way possible. He would make sure every wish of his partner is fulfilled. He hates monotony and so, would try and discover new things for his partner and himself.

At Work:

At workplace, a Gemini male works best in groups as he tends to brainstorm and gather opinions of many before taking vital decisions. He can also deal with emergencies very quickly as he has a tendency of thinking spontaneously. Gemini male is good at multi tasking but does not like stagnant work.

Negative characteristics of an Gemini Man:

Prominent negative Characteristics:

A Gemini male tends to get nervous very quickly. He is superficial and very inconsistent in his behavior. In extreme situations, he can get cunning in his thoughts. His casual behavior in serious things can be quite a turn off for many.

In Friendship:

Since he hates monotony and is always hunting for a change, he may not stick to plans made by his bunch of mates. This can result in minor tiffs which affect his friends but not him. Gemini's also like to gossip and this may sometimes be a reason for their friends to get angry.

In Love:

A Gemini male is flirtatious in nature. This quality can create trouble in his relationship with his partner. His urge for change in life may lead to many short-term relationships. He may behave very moody at times which may take a toll on his partner.

At Work:

He needs change very often and thus, he will not stick to one thing at a time. It will get difficult for him to sustain a stagnant job. He may tend to change his job quite often.


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