Gemini Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Gemini? Find out on this page the character traits of Gemini.

Gemini Traits

1. Get bored easily

As a Gemini, it's not possible for you to sit in one place for a long period of time. You get easily bored and then search for some new, interesting activity to indulge yourself in. You find it hard to sit quietly, for you are active for most part of the day.

2. Sociable

You have really good skills when it comes to talking to other people. You have a natural flair for making friends and acquaintances quickly. Also, you love to be at parties and social outings where you get a chance to meet many people. Overall, you have great social skills.

3. Talkative

If you love to be with people, it's natural that you happen to be talkative in nature. If you're invited to give a speech at a professional meeting, you will be more than happy to deliver it and you will probably be the best person to give a speech too. But even when you start talking among your friends, it's hard to stop you.

4. Easygoing

You have a personality that kind of flows, which means that you're not rigid in life. If some circumstances in life, make you change, then you will do that without much of a problem. In this way, you are very easygoing and don't have difficulty in adjusting in life.

5. Dominating

You are quite dominating in your life in almost everything that you do. You don't like to listen to others advice or opinions or suggestions. Thus, it can be said that you have an authoritative personality. You like to do things as per your wish.

6. Cunning

As a Gemini, you can come across as being selfish and cunning sometimes. You tend to think about yourself and your efforts are targeted towards how you can benefit yourself the most. This also leads you to be quite cunning at times.

7. Enthusiastic

You are a very enthusiastic creature and cannot ever sit at one place and be happy. You just have to move and find out the next great adventure that awaits you. This remains true for most of the work that you do. If some work isn't completed at the right time, you will leave it and move on ahead with life.

8. Flirtatious

You might be quite aware of this characteristic of yours. Yes, you are born to flirt as well as charm others. You talk in such a way that the opposite sex is easily attracted to you.

9. Self-centered It gives you immense satisfaction to think about yourself first and then think about others. It almost works as a motivator for you. You think in terms of what will be good for you and then act accordingly.


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