Gemini Woman


If you are a Gemini woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Gemini woman, this is the right place. Know about Gemini woman characteristics.

Gemini Woman

Being the youngest sign of the Zodiac, Gemini is also called as the 'Child of the Zodiac'. The Gemini woman is thus very vivacious and outgoing. She just cannot stay in one place. She loves adventure and is also very intelligent.

Positive traits of the Gemini woman:

The Gemini woman is very clever, independent and talkative. She likes movement and cannot be bound to anything for a long time.

In Friendship:

Her cleverness is useful in keeping her friends out of trouble. But more than that, she can be a great friend to share interests, passions and exciting things.

In Love:

If a man loves to take up a relationship as a challenge, then the Gemini woman is perfect for him. She likes to be loved and cared for. But the relationship and her partner should always keep things lively between them as she likes excitement in her life.

At Work:

Her intelligence and quick thinking helps her to be successful at work. She is very expressive in nature. If a Gemini woman is pursuing a career in the field of sales or mass media, she will excel. When she likes the job, she will be serious and a dependable coworker.

Negative traits of the Gemini woman:

She is unwilling to decide, inconsistent and very jittery. She is always in two minds and this makes her very unstable.

In Friendship:

She cannot be content with having only a few friends and her never-ending quest for new things might lead her to not being very strong in maintaining friendships. Whenever she goes to a new place, she will make new friends and probably forget about her old ones.

In Love:

Since she is in a constant search for movement and new experiences, she doesn't like to stay in a relationship for a long period of time. This means she is not that great a partner. She can leave someone if she doesn't find him interesting enough to keep her lively.

At Work:

She is very fickle minded and this proves to be a disadvantage for her at work. She will never be able to take quick decisions. Her mind is at two places, so she can't concentrate on her work that well. Also, if she finds the job boring, she can move on to something that excites her.

These are positive and negative traits to help someone know the Gemini woman in a better way.


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