Geminis Personality


Are you trying to know how an ideal Geminis person's personality should be? Do you want to know the qualities and characteristics of Geminis? Find out the Geminis personality right here.

Geminis Personality

1. Intellectual

It is safe to call Geminis an intellectual lot. They love to explore and find out about new things in life. They come across as witty and smart with their knowledge.

2. Friendly

Geminis are also known to be talkative. Wherever they go, they will be the life of a party, gathering or any other function. They just can't sit in one place and be quiet. They are quite extrovert in their lives. They also tend to make friends easily.

3. Unpunctual

As they love to travel and explore, they will obviously be hardly ever on time for anything. They are so full of life and vibrance that they forget to be at places where there are supposed to be.

4. Talkative

Geminis love to talk and express themselves. They will be the first to express their thoughts and share their experiences with others. They are always so full with information and knowledge that they can't really stop themselves from being communicative.

5. Enthusiastic

Geminis are vivacious and fun loving people. They always want new and different things in their life. So, if you find them sitting in office on one day, don't be surprised if they are holidaying in Vegas the next day.

6. Get bored quickly

For Geminis, it's very easy to get bored quickly. They need to be doing things constantly to keep themselves occupied and busy. They are so lively that it's quite impossible for them to be restricted to one thing, person or place. They also want to be with those people who are just as dynamic as them.

7. Flirtatious

One trait of Geminis which cannot be ignored is the fact that they are natural charmers. Even if they don't plan on attracting anyone, they end up doing so with their style. However, sometimes it may also be intentional but not necessarily harmful to their relationship.

8. Impatient

Geminis have many goals in their life, but according to their temperament, they can't focus on something for a very long period of time. The pattern goes like this: If one goal takes a lot of time, they will leave it half finished and move on. They are not among those who sit back and think about the past.

9. Exciting

Geminis are hardly ever dull in their lives. They always have something exciting and interesting to do in their life.


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