Leo Man


If you are a Leo man or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Leo man, this is the right place. Know about Leo man characteristics.

Leo Man

A Leo man shares humble characteristics with the animal he is represented with in the zodiac-the lion. He is feisty, cannot take 'no' for an answer and desires to rule like the king.

Positive traits of an Leo Man:


No matter how rich or famous a Leo man is, he will always remain humble to those around him. He will never boast of his abilities or his connections and will make an effort to let his subordinates feel comfortable. However, whether his humility is a facade or if it's a genuine characteristic embedded in him, you will never know.


A Leo man is a romantic at heart. You can expect everything 'mushy' to come from him and feel like a princess in his company. Though he may get you flowers, pull the chair out for you, surprise you with presents, pamper you till you plead him to stop, you will have to return his love soon or else, he'll walk away.


Perhaps the best aspect of a Leo man is his ability to accept any challenge and not succumb to it. He is not the one to sit down with defeat but is one of those few who will rise time and again without losing hope. Leo's don't take defeat kindly. They look on it as a statement of personal insult and work towards improving themselves.

Negative characteristics of an Leo Man:

Ego, Ego, Ego:

If you can't find any other man in the zodiac to be egoistic, that's because the Leo man was given more than his fair share. Stroke his ego affectionately and you will win over him. Fight it and you will perish. It will become impossible for you to live with a Leo man if you cannot work your way around his ego.


A Leo man will get jealous as soon as you mention the first name of your 'close co-worker' or friend. He may not show his jealousy but you will soon know of it because of the change in his behavior. It is very difficult for him to digest appreciation towards someone else in front of him.

Dominating Attitude:

A Leo man loves to dominate. He likes to see respect from people even if it comes as a result of threat or apprehension. A Leo man will never accept a subordinate to speak lavishly in front of him. He will demand respect at all times and will rub your flaws in your nose if you don't correct them after he points them out to you.

Whether in love, at work or in a relationship, a Leo man is a challenging partner to be with unless you understand how he works and adapt to his ways of life.


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