Leo Personality


Are you trying to know how an ideal Leo person's personality should be? Do you want to know the qualities and characteristics of Leo? Find out the Leo personality right here.

Leo Personality

1. Controlling

Leos are basically dominant in everything they do. They like to do things that they want and also prefer to see things done according to their wishes. Even in a relationship, they want to be controlling and make all the decisions.

2. Interfering

Leos have this trait of helping others. But sometimes, it gets too overwhelming and they end up interfering in other people's lives. They won't realize they are interfering, as they view it as their help.

3. Like a lavish lifestyle

Leo is the sign of the majestic lion. So it's natural for Leos to want all things lavish and splendid in their life. They prefer to have expensive cars, beautiful homes and elaborate expenditures.

4. Egoistic

Leos actually have a big ego which also happens to be fragile and weak. If hurt once, they will not forgive that person or they won't even mind taking revenge on that person. If they fail at something, they will build it up once again as their egos cannot handle failure.

5. Don't save money

As said earlier, Leos are lavish spenders and love to live life extravagantly. They will never think of saving too much. Others around them who prefer to save for the future might be astonished at Leos' behavior of spending.

6. Sarcastic

Leos are very much sarcastic when they talk. If someone says something rude or harsh to them, their ego will not tolerate it and they will lash out at the person. If people don't like to be spoken to like that and get hurt, it's better to stay away from them.

7. Humane

Leos may be egoistic and sarcastic, but they do have a big heart. They are very loving towards everyone they meet. They also have a natural ability to do things according to their heart.

8. Creative

Leos are very creative people in whatever they do in life. They are the ones who will think of completely unique solutions to a problem or will come up with a totally new and refreshing idea at work.

9. Like to flaunt

Leos love to show off and flaunt themselves and all that they possess. It can be their material possessions or their achievements in life.


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