Leo Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Leo? Find out on this page the character traits of Leo.

Leo Traits

1. Luxurious

Leo, you think of yourself as the king. It's only befitting that you find a life of luxury and opulence. You cannot live with insufficient means. Grandeur is the spice of your life and you love to live with a style that is unique to you.

2. Like to be in power

Leo, the sign of the lion, reflects that you like to be the king of the world. This is so true for you in reality too. You like to be in power, even when taking important decisions in life. You tend to search for those opportunities which would give you an upper hand over others.

3. Like to be flattered

As the ruler of the Zodiac signs, you love to hear people praising you. You feel extremely good if others praise you for anything - be it your appearance, your nature, your material possessions and so on. You also love to be flattered.

4. Snobbish

If you have a number of material possessions and live a life of luxury, it is only obvious that you tend to show your snobbish attitude at times. Of course, no one likes your high and mighty nature. But along with this, you are also pompous and like to boast about yourself too much.

5. Benevolent

In spite of your haughty demeanor, you have a big heart. You will generously give or donate something to others who are in need of help. Actually, you never shy away from helping anyone. You are very generous when it comes to helping others.

6. Extrovert

You are extroverted in nature and like to talk to other people. You are quite talkative when you're at any social gathering or party. You love to express your feelings.

7. Ambitious

As a Leo, you like to be successful in your work. You don't want to lag behind and hence work hard. You are very ambitious in nature. You also have a confident personality.

8. Faithful

As mentioned earlier, you love to help others and are very caring when it comes to other people. You are also faithful and like to help others with the work that they do.

9. Optimistic

You are very positive in nature and look at life as a bright and rising opportunity. If you fail at something, you will take it in a healthy stride and try to do it in a better manner. You are optimistic.


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