Leo Woman


If you are a Leo woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Leo woman, this is the right place. Know about Leo woman characteristics.

Leo Woman

This sign is the ruler of all the Zodiac signs. The symbol of Leo is the lion and is ruled by the sun. The Leo woman is as fierce and independent as the lion. Fire is the basic element of Leo. The Leo woman likes to live life king size and is indulgent. Most Leo women have beautiful homes, expensive cars and lavish surroundings.

Positive traits of the Leo Woman:

The Leo woman likes to help others and is very generous in nature. She is outgoing, independent, sympathetic and creative. She likes to live her life in an elegant way.

In Friendship:

She truly likes her friends and will help them whenever they need her. The Leo woman's generous nature is always forthcoming when it comes to helping anyone. She has a big heart and never backs off in assisting others.

In Love:

The Leo woman is very intense and passionate in her relationship and sometimes tends to be fierce. She will be always faithful in a relation and never cheat a man.

At Work:

She is independent in her work and doesn't rely much on others to complete her tasks. She is self-sustaining in all her efforts and thus is an accomplished worker.

Negative traits of the Leo woman:

Similar to the lion which rules this Zodiac sign, the Leo woman is stubborn and arrogant and thinks that her views are the only ones which are right. She demands appreciation from others often and loves to be flattered. Her ego is also one to watch out for as it's very fragile and will get hurt easily.

In Friendship:

The Leo woman sometimes mistakenly takes her friends as her admirers. She thinks that they are there just to praise her and her wonderful elegance. She also gives great importance to her pride and if that's hurt, you've lost a Leo friend.

In Love:

Her arrogance is something that will be a drawback in a relationship. She will not listen to her partner, even if he's right. Also, her love is quite intense and she gets jealous way too often. If she is not loved back with the same intensity, she loses interest in the relationship.

At Work:

Again her arrogance creates problems for her in her professional life too. She can't work well in those situations which require team work as she is not suited to listening to others' opinions. She can be quite biased at times and think that only her opinion matters. This is not conducive in a working atmosphere.

Overall, the Leo woman is generous, caring and stubborn in nature too.


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