Libra Man And Cancer Woman


Are the Libra man and Cancer woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Libra man and Cancer woman.

Libra Man - Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

The union of a Libra man and a Cancer woman can be challenging. Two signs that live in opposite hemispheres and have drastically different personalities may want to do little with each other, socially or otherwise. A work relationship between the Libra man and a Cancer woman may not flourish exquisitely well because volatile situations do not settle well with the couple. However, when a Libra man and a Cancer woman come together in a social setting, they may be intrigued with each other's lives that will further push them together to experience and understand each other.

A Libra man will see that a Cancer woman is very shy and probably spins thoughtful yarns to avoid revealing truth about herself or to test his personality. He may try and probe into her thoughts and understand what makes her so unique but if he tries incorrectly or too hard, he may just have to let her go for good. But, since a Libra man is charismatic to the T, it is highly unlikely that the Cancer woman will run away from him. Though she won't see him at parties and get-togethers, she may invite him home and watch a couple of movies instead.

Highly unlikely to cancel such a date request, a Libra man can turn a wholly platonic friendship into a passionate relationship if he so desires. Since the Cancer woman will not take the initiative to do anything, it will be up to the Libra man to make magic happen.

Once together, a Libra man and a Cancer woman will enjoy being with each other. Though initially they may have a hard time adjusting to each other, they may take it up as a challenge and enjoy it more than detest it. If they overcome this phase of their lives, they will successfully go on to have a long, fulfilling relationship. A Cancer woman may not approve of his nature or his style of living, but eventually she will see that the Libra man is not a big fan of her lifestyle as well.

If the Libra man and the Cancer woman can sense discomfort in their relationship, they must try and overcome it. However, if they try too hard and too long, separation will become difficult and they may end up regretting being together.

They key to a successful relationship is communication. However, with a Libra man and a Cancer woman, communicating regularly and effectively can become a daunting task due to their ego's and different personalities. If they keep their flaws in mind, they can work on it and help each other live happily. But, a Cancer woman does not take criticism too well thus, when a Libra man may make an effort to explain things to her, she may not understand them at all. She may take that lesson as an insult and swear to take revenge. This vicious thought cycle may disrupt their lives completely.

But then again, they themselves hold the power to make or break their relationship.


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