Libra Man And Taurus Woman


Are the Libra man and Taurus woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Libra man and Taurus woman.

Libra Man - Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

The coming together of two mellow signs, the Libra man and the Taurus woman will make for an easy going couple. Represented by scales, the Libra man, like his symbol always makes an effort to stay balanced but never manages to do so successfully. A Libra man will be indecisive for a significant period of time in his life but when he does make a decision, it will be one which he will stick to through all the obstacles that come his way. Always impeccably dressed for any occasion, you won't find a Libra man out of conversation or standing alone in a corner at a party. He will take initiative, whether in love or in his social life and the proof will be for everyone to see.

As headstrong as the bull, a Taurus woman will have trouble with her stubbornness when it comes in contact with the indecisive nature of the Libra man. Whether the Taurus woman will make an effort to stick to her decision even when she is wrong or change it in accordance to what her partner feels is right for her is not known but either way, she will only take a stance if she truly believes in it. A Taurus woman will be beautiful to look at and as opposed to her Libra mate, she will not find the need to go out and seek conversation. She will be approached due to her inviting persona but she will allow very few people to actually stand with her.

Though minor differences will creep up in any couples life, a Libra man and a Taurus woman will sail through them quite easily. They will not stand and argue on a topic unnecessarily but will move past because better sense will prevail in both of them. While a Taurus woman will have low tolerance for indiscipline and shabbiness, her Libra partner will have no qualms living in harmony with it. When an objection will be raised, it won't hold much attention for the Libra and he may let things slip through. Allow this couple to be happy in their own nest and chances are that you won't ever hear them complain!

Surprisingly, the Libra man is an introvert in bed with his Taurus woman. Though both of them share a heightened passion for serious love making, the Taurus woman will always be the one who will take strong steps forward. She will incite the Libra to take action, which he will, though it may not be the apt time for her.

Harmonious co-existence is plausible in this relationship. And it will be to an extent that it may surprise people in their social groups. Though they are both easy going and fun to be around, they will make efforts to add some spice and adventure in their lives. Here too, the Taurus woman will take the initiative but that won't worry the Libra man too much. Slowly, the fundamental duties might shift and the Taurus woman may become the responsible adult in the house. But as long as the Libra man can adjust to that, there won't be any trouble brewing between them.


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