Libra Man


If you are a Libra man or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Libra man, this is the right place. Know about Libra man characteristics.

Libra Man

This categorically puts him under the 'scales' - a symbol that represents his sun sign. Librans are typically ruled by Venus who is looked upon as the God of romance and love. A simple conclusion thus would be to assume that almost all Librans find themselves being romantically inclined and flirty by nature. They adore nurturing and tending to a loved one but as much love as they shower, they must also receive. When you have a Libran in your life, ensure you give them as much attention as you can for then, you will see a side of them you thought never existed.

Positive traits of an Libra Man:


Though the scales generally take the Librans on one side or another, there is no moral area for them as far as honesty is concerned. A deliberate omission is construed as a lie and if you attempt to refute that on technicality, Lord save you.


Librans are calm and composed at most times. They are jovial people who love all the good things in life. Try to mess with a Libra man and you will see that it takes a lot more than crass talk to make him spew venom.

Good Friend:

A Libra man can be held as a shining example of a perfect friend. You need someone to hold your hair back while you regurgitate last night's beverages, a Libra man will do the honors. You need a shoulder to cry on, find a Libran and you are sorted. They can go to any lengths to make their friends feel special and it just doesn't get any better than this.

Negative characteristics of an Libra Man:


You can talk a Libra man to do anything for you. Since a Libra man hails from a sign that generally lets the heart rule than the mind, it is almost certain that you can mold the Libra man to think and behave the way you do. No, they aren't robots but then again, if they are shown a certain path, despite the obstacles, they will tread it once they are convinced of it.


Ask a Libra man to take a decision and he would rather let the coin decide. You can't ask a Libra man to take a life altering decision because his mind or the circumstances will make it difficult for him to take a strong hold and stick with it. He will sway from one decision to the other without being able to come to a logical conclusion and will try and hide his disappointment with himself. But by the virtue of his 'scales', there isn't much he will be able to do about this problem in his life.

Self Indulgent:

Though a Libra man or woman may not put themselves first when others are in line, they will definitely buy something that others won't be able to afford to won't want to spend on. A Libra man is capable of purchasing the most ludicrous objects just to satisfy his heart and then not look at it again, ever in his life. Though not harmful, this habit may end up hurting his pockets a little.


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