Libra Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Libra? Find out on this page the character traits of Libra.

Libra Traits

1. Romantic

You are very romantic by nature and take great care of your partner. You will never be in dearth of coming up with new romantic ideas. Your partner will greatly enjoy your company by the lovely gestures that you do for him/her.

2. Social

You have great social skills and love to be among people. You are quite the charmer and can make friends very easily. People love to be in your company as you come across as an easygoing person.

3. Interested in art and music

You tend to be an artistically inclined person. You love those things that are related to art and music. You appreciate their beauty and have a commendable taste in art and music.

4. Calm

You are quite a cool and calm person in your life. You like things to be peaceful and soothing. But if ever something disrupts this calm life of yours, you tend to dislike it. If someone is fighting on the street, you don't like to see that and prefer to see peaceful things again.

5. Friendly

You like to be friends and have a good time in life. You won't mind giving your whole day to them and will like to spend time with them and have a blast.

6. Not good at decision making

You are not very good at taking decisions and prefer to let others take decisions even in your life. As you are represented by the scales, you tend to have a balance in life. You want to consider each and everything before you make a decision. This makes you nervous and puts you in a delicate situation.

7. Quick to believe

You tend to believe in others quite soon. If someone tells you something, you don't doubt it or even have slight suspicions that it may not be right. You think that whatever other people tell you is true.

8. Understanding

You are also a very understanding person by nature and know how to acknowledge what others feel. If others share their problems with you, you will be totally supportive of them and even help them out if it's possible for you.

9. Like to gossip

As much as you love being with your friends, you also like to gossip with them. That gossip can be about anything under the sun. You just love to talk about others, what they are doing in their lives and stuff like that.


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