Libra Woman


If you are a Libra woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Libra woman, this is the right place. Know about Libra woman characteristics.

Libra Woman

Libra is symbolized by the scales and thus the Libra woman is essentially very balanced in her thinking. Her outward appearance is elegant and charming. She is known for her impeccable manners and behavior. In her life, she constantly tries to and successfully makes honest, just and moral decisions. She isn't someone who will ever make an unfair decision.

Positive traits of the Libra woman:

She has a very pleasant personality, is easy to be around with and has very high moral standards. She is someone who is charming and chic in whatever she does. She is a very fair woman who believes in giving justice to everyone around.

In Friendship:

The Libra woman is social and outgoing and this helps her to make friends from all areas of life. She has a caring personality and is a good listener when it comes to her friends. Her rational thinking capabilities also helps to solve problems of her friends.

In Love:

When in love, she is the most faithful in her relationship. When she finds her right man, she will not even look for anyone new. She will do anything to make the relationship work and learn new things just to please her partner.

At Work:

The Libra woman is a really dedicated worker who puts her life and soul into her work. She believes in doing her work efficiently and in a very fair manner. She will not cheat on her colleagues or indulge in any unfair strategies to succeed in work.

Negative traits of the Libra woman:

She cannot take criticism in a good stride and also cannot make decisions fast enough.

In Friendship:

The Libra woman never knows how to say no to anyone. This makes her gullible in nature and her friends can use her for their means or make her do what they want. This is only because she wants to appease everyone and doesn't like to offend.

In Love:

Her indecisiveness is a major drawback for her love life. She will not know when the right moment is to do the right gesture in the relationship. Also, she becomes lazy in love once the initial courting period is over and the relation becomes steady. This might affect the relationship on the whole.

At Work:

Since she is unable to take decisions quickly, she may not be able deal in those situations at work where she is supposed to take a very important decision. She also can't take criticism too well at work and will feel offended even if it's healthy criticism.


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