Pisces Man And Sagittarius Woman


Are the Pisces man and Sagittarius woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Pisces man and Sagittarius woman.

Pisces Man - Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Whether the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman can sustain a long term relationship is doubtful. Many say that the first date may even be the last. However, adjustments need to be made in every relationship and a long term partnership between the two sun signs is possible if they feed each other's needs appropriately.

The Sagittarius woman has typical traits like passion for life - discovering places and people. She will live in a world of imagination. However, she will also have places to go to, when it comes to practical aspects of her life. On the other hand, the Pisces man can be an introvert at times and may not share the same views in life. It might be too unlike him. At most, he would tag along with her on her path of exploration. The Sagittarius woman's patience will be put at test. It will be interesting to see how long she keeps up with the whimsical nature of the Pisces man. There might be a point in time when she loses her cool and gets annoyed at the procrastinating Piscean man and his relaxed behaviour.

The Pisces man will need to be more aggressive than usual to keep the romance going on in the relationship. His caring nature is usually too generous to not notice, however the adventurous Sagittarian girl may not bite. The fantasies and dramas of the Pisces man may be too boring for the outgoing nature of the Sagittarius woman. There are chances that the dating phase may go on for longer than average and after a certain point in time, the two may decide to be just friends. It is not unusual to see a strong bond of friendship between a Pisces male and a Sagittarian woman who were previously romantically involved with each other to be very good friends for life. Generally it is the lack of flavour and intensity in their romance. Both the partners will need to make adjustments in this regard. For one, the Pisces man will need to amplify his already instilled caring skills. He loves to look after the needs of his loved ones and just a little more effort to "show off " this splendid skill will definitely go well with the Sagittarius woman. On the other hand, if she really wants the relationship to survive, she will need to infuse the true sense of self realization that comes naturally in others when in a committed relationship. This may mean cutting back just a little bit on her outlook in life to live like a "free bird", and address the Piscean man's fear of losing a loved one. This will ensure that he feels that the Sagittarius woman is for keeps.

Sexual relationship between the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman will be super fun. Neither sign is likely to be dominating in bed. On one hand you have a gently and caring being whose sole aim in the bedroom is to please and satisfy his partner. On the other, you have a bubbly personality who likes the sense of freedom and adventure. There are no expectations and definitely no preconceived notions. There is little more to ask for. It is not surprising if there are role plays or other fun games in the bedroom. This is one of the few relationships that may sizzle inside the bedroom, but not outside it.

What both partners need to understand that there is hardly anything wrong in their partnership. There are few relationships which have fewer arguments, less misunderstanding, and positive energy in the bedroom. The fact that they have different outlooks in life can definitely deter the sense of attachment and closeness between them. However like any other bond, this too can be strengthened. Both will need to stay and more importantly feel committed. They can always go back to being friends if things do head towards splitsville, however this can surely be avoided if hard work is put in to smoothen out differences in attitude.


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