Sagittarius Man And Cancer Woman


Are the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Sagittarius man and Cancer woman.

Sagittarius Man - Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

A cancer woman, as her sun sign suggests, has a mystery around her that can sometimes be inexplicable. She has a persona and charm that can change colors when she is with you and become totally different when she is with her friends. You would be confused about the dual behaviors that she exhibits but calm down on that anxiety because she is like that and you can't change her. She may be extremely warm, gentle and pleasing with you and she will be that way if you do not alter your behavior towards her.

As recurring as this statement is, it needs to be written when describing the Sagittarius man: He is brutally honest which makes him mean and rude. In any social circle, it doesn't work for someone to be criticized in front of a crowd and be told that the dress isn't flattering or that the clutch doesn't match the outfit. But as much as you'd like for the Sagittarius man to be your pal, he will avoid the crowd but will still tell you that you look fat when you actually do. He is also moody, which means that if he is feeling low or depressed, chances are that you don't want to be around him because his emotions are contagious.

Both individuals love their freedom and if each one catches the other intruding their personal spaces, the break up can happen then and there. The cancer woman will be flaunted by the Sagittarius man because of her persona and she will love all the attention that she will receive. However, when the limelight gets too much for her, she may hop, skip and jump and fly away to a secluded place. The compatibility of the Sagittarius man and the cancer woman is not shaky in the least. They come from two strong signs and their relationship will be just as strong if they work towards it.

Within their bedroom walls, the Sagittarius man and the cancer woman will enjoy a few peaceful moments of lovemaking before the Sagittarius man starts talking about his desires and needs. This may potentially kill the excitement for the cancer woman. She will be averse to talking but will enjoy the feeling of being with a person in such close quarters. She will also try and hold on to the feeling for as long as she can because for her, these are moments that will define her life.


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