Sagittarius Traits


Wondering what are the Traits of Sagittarius? Find out on this page the character traits of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Traits

1. Optimistic

Sagittarius men and women are very optimistic in nature. They will do every work given to them in a positive way. Thus, they have quite an optimistic approach towards life. Even if they meet failure, they will never lose hope, but carry on with positivity.

2. Good at organizing

You are exceptionally good when it comes to your organizing and managing skills. Your work is proof of that. When you're assigned a task, you will be good at managing people/things. Your abilities may be of great use to an event management company!

3. Straightforward in love

You are straightforward when you talk to others. The same attitude applies to your love life. If you don't like something about your love, you will tell him/her frankly.

4. Religious

You are a staunch believer in God. You believe in all things religious and believe that God is omnipresent and omnipotent.

5. Impatient

Sometimes, you also tend to be impatient about various things in life. You want everything to be done quickly. But if that doesn't happen, you tend to lose your temper. You become quite jittery and can shout at someone if he/she did something wrong.

6. Fight for justice

You are a believer of justice and won't be shy for fighting for the right cause. You are a crusader who will fight till the end to bring about justice to those who are denied it.

7. Witty

You are quite the entertaining personality among your friends and relatives. You bring amusement to every party or social function you go to. You are great to be with and your friends too find you jolly.

8. Like to travel

You have an adventurous streak in you and thus love traveling. You will never hesitate to go on a wild, outdoor trip with your friends.

9. Love freedom

You love your freedom and independence a lot. You like to do things with your own free will and do not like it if others tie you down. This means you prefer being a free bird.


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