Sagittarius Woman


If you are a Sagittarius woman or just someone wanting to know more about the traits of Sagittarius woman, this is the right place. Know about Sagittarius woman characteristics.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius is the 9th sign in the Zodiac and it is represented by a centaur. The centaur's bow is aimed towards the sky and this signifies that they want to achieve great things in life. This holds true for the Sagittarius woman. She is daring, trustworthy, honest and also very forthright.

Positive traits of the Sagittarius woman:

The Sagittarius woman is vivacious and full of energy and has a pleasant personality. She loves to be with people and passes on her energetic and fun loving behavior to others.

In Friendship:

She is excellent as a friend and very dedicated towards her close friends. She will go to great heights to help her friends, if ever they need her. Thus, her friends can rely on their Sagittarius friend to help them in times of need.

In Love:

More than physical intimacy, a Sagittarius woman would like to have intellectual compatibility with her partner. She wants personal space in the relationship, but is also loving and affectionate towards her partner.

At Work:

She has many goals in her life and as one goal gets over, she tries to reach the other goal. Similarly, her ambitious nature is useful for her professional life. On the whole, she is a hard worker who wants to be successful in life.

Negative traits of the Sagittarius woman:

She is impatient and so she can't wait for a long time for anything or anyone. This can also make her wild and inconsistent. She is also known to be brash in her talk and this may hurt other people.

In Friendship:

Her quest for excitement makes her very energetic and she can't stay in one place. She won't like those friends who are calm and 'boring' in her terms. This will affect her friendship as she wants others to be as lively as she is.

In Love:

She may hurt her partner by being too blunt in expressing her feelings. She has a tendency to speak out the truth however bitter it may be and this will ruin the relation if she doesn't watch her words.

At Work:

She can't think patiently about her work and make good decisions on time. She is someone who likes to be quick and wants others to do the same. This attitude does not help her professionally. She also likes her freedom and space and will not like it if her job restrains her.

These are traits of the Sagittarius woman in her friendship, love life and professional life.


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